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This is so hard *cries*

Day 4/7 - Part One
Wanted to update quickly this morning, since I'm really craving to write and don't want to have to wait until the evening to do so.

As you can see from my frankly fabulous subject line, I'm starting today phase two of the 21 day plan (see my previous post).

So basically I managed three days to eat like a normal person, guilt free for the most part, go back to working out (like a boss) and spend my time better (sleeping, being productive at work and otherwise).
These are the three things I’m focusing on right now (being active, eating well, sleeping well).

I had some thinking about my eating habits, and particularly why my weigh ballooned back so fast in the past few months. I seem to have two modes of eating habits: one is being on a diet (even a good diet of eating good foods, still a “diet” mode when you pay attention to every bite) the second is eating everything in sight, and even what's NOT in sight (my mom has a habit of "hiding" food from me, but I'll talk about that another day).

So right now my eating "plan" (if you can call it that), is eating like a normal human being, pacing myself, eating smaller portions than I was used to. It may seem like diet-mode, but for now I’m not counting calories, or making a food journal, and I eat out and eat things outside the diet menu.

This is no where to end a post, but I better get off to work. So more later I hope!!

Day 1/21
I am so sick. I feel like a man with a cold.

Today is a happy day, at least. I need to mark this in my diary. Oct 18 = happy day.
I tried to measure myself last night with a measuring tape, why did no one ever told me this was so hard before?? I ended up looking it up online for some Idiot's Guide to Tape Theory, and it told me I need an extra pair of hands. Boo.
It seems unreliable though, I can't imagine I will always measure myself at the exactly same location, so for sure calculations will be off.

Maybe I will ask my mom to help me out later.

I spent some of the morning (and pre-dawn hours) "working", but my brain isn't working (hurreh cold) so at least lucky that I only had to put in 4 hours today. I will have so much to do when I come back next week though.

One thing for sure, I will make sure to get to work EVERYDAY instead of working from home. Working from home is hella convenient, but I'm starting to go stir crazy.

Food Journal (will try to update throughout the day)

14:00 -
1 cup 3% milk
2 tbsp oatmeal
3 dried dates
1 tsp honey

19:00 -
2 chicken pullets
1 large salad
2 slices whole rye bread
2 tsp strawberry jam

I need a reason to get excited about Tuesday.

Today is Tuesday, and Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier kidnapped by Hamas, is being released today and is getting his life back. I keep thinking to myself that he's the same age as I am.

I can't sleep. I just started my work laptop, because today is holiday (for more than one reason) and I work half of the day. I swore to myself that I will never start working at 3 AM anymore, but I guess it's OK, I didn't break this one promise, because today I'm starting at 4 AM.

Have a merry Tuesday. I think next Tuesday I will take up Yoga.

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I'm game.

Trendline Challenge
In the past 2.5 months I've weighted in almost everyday. I had many good days, and many bad days, but you can see by the chart the trend is definitley pointing UP.

My avarage weight in the past 2.5 months is 91.5 kg.

New Challange:

Break the trend! Go below avarage weight by the first September weigh in (September 2nd).

Friday – 19.8.2011

Friday – 19.8.2011


07:00 –

Bag of pretzels

2 chocolate chip cookies


10:00 –

1 apple


12:20 –


1 tbsp low fat thousand season’s sauce

50 gr 5% hard salt cheese (Bulgarian)

3 tbsp crotouns



20:00 –


3 tbsp croutons

Chicken breast

1 serving red pasta

1 serving rice

1 slice of Kiddush bread


I slept the day through. Hehe, that’s one way of avoiding overeating. Was super tired.

Tomorrow I am back to the gym, maybe will try some class, we’ll see.

Thursday – 18.8.2011

Thursday – 18.8.2011


09:30 –

1 cup almond milk

2 tbsp oatmeal

10 green grapes


14:00 –

Cooked chicken breast


3 tbsp croutons

1 tbsp vinaigrette sauce

1 serving couscous with cooked vegetables


16:00 –

2 biscuits

2 slices of chocolate cake

1 date cookie

2 energy bars


18:00 –

1/3 pineapple


22:00 – BBQ!

Lots of meat (mostly chicken and mincemeat, small bite of steak)

Marshmellows (8-10 pieces I think)

1 cookie


Woaaah, as you can see not my finest day. This is still a lot better than me at my worst, where I binge on things I actually don’t really like to eat. At least I can sort of remember what I ate :p

I weighted in yesterday at 94.6 kg. That’s just a 7 kg distance from my highest weight. I was soooo pissed at myself. Granted, I weighted in after I already ate (around 20:00) so I realized it’s my evening weight, but still, it was heartbreaking :(

I weighted in again this morning (Friday) at 93.2, this is also after I ate something already (some pretzels and 2 cookies) so better, but yeah :(


What’s super annoying to me is that I lose so quickly when I eat well and exercize, the weight seriously melts off. But I keep breaking down. What is my motivation and will power so flimsy sometimes? Sometimes I feel like I can move mountains, sometimes I feel like I can barely move myself. I talked about this a little bit with my nutritionist.


Friday started off a little off (2 cookies and pretzels) but these are things I can incorporate into my daily menu anyway, so OK, I can work with this. I get off work at around 13:00, then I plan to sleep my entire after noon. Sweetness :D


Last night I slept at the beach. Not my brightest idea before a work day, but oh well.

16-17.8.2011 - Food Journal - Long Entry is Looooong


On Tuesday, I went to visit a friend of mine after work. She treated me to dinner, and her mom taught me a recipe for orange cake. After I came home, I logged into facebook, and saw that it’s the birthday of one of my best friends from middle school. I haven’t spoken to her in over a year, but I decided it would be a good idea to call her on 11 PM anyway :P

I am much friendlier when I am doing well, and I do well when I try to do well. Does that make sense? It just that sometimes, I don’t feel like I have the energy to do well. I never said that I make much sense.

So this is an everyday struggle for me but, I’m not good to quit just because something is hard! I thought about this today. I will not get far in life if I only do that which comes easy for me. It cheered me up completely J

About Tuesday food – OK. Regretted choosing stuffed chicken for lunch, it was not as delicious as it look. But I’m really happy with the office cafeteria food overall. Many choices, many healthy options, and really nice staff.


My nutritionist will not like that I ate rice in the evening, or chicken again. But I think it’s a really good meal considering I ate out! Went to sleep at around 23:00, but could not sleep because I was hungry! So I had the rice cakes meal, but still couldn’t fall asleep after.


Whenever I can’t sleep, I call my dog to sleep with me. I always forget how she snores, and takes up 99% of the bed (I don’t know how that is possible for such a tiny dog, but there you have it!)


On Wednesday, I meant to go to the office early, but could not wait myself! I have a window of opportunity to get to work before rush hour, before 6:45 I’m OK, after, it’s the traffic jam from doooom. Natuarally after not sleeping the whole night, I did not wake up. Or rather, I woke up at 5:30, but couldn’t move from the bed. Ended up working from home anyway.


Zombied my day. I was tired, and often felt like I needed to munch. I think I still did ok considering. For lunch, we had lots of leftovers, but I wanted to make something. So I decided to make dried sweet potato crisps in the oven. Sooooo good. The go really great with leafy salad and chicken. We did not have chicken though, so I opted for tuna instead :P


So yes, I did well on Wednesday, even though it was hard and I was tired and at home all day. Woohoo, go me!!

Oh, I found out outmeal with juuuuust almond milk is really delicious. I usually add nuts and berries and dried fruits to go with it, never realized it’s really good just plain. The more you know J


Tuesday – 16.8.2011



06:30 –

2 dried dates


09:10 –

Yogurt 3%

3 teaspoons dried cranberries and blueberries


12:05 –


2 tbsp thousand seasons (salad seasoning)

Roasted chicken filled with rice

2 bowls of vegetable soup

15:00 –

1 pear


19:30 –

1 serving rice

4-5 small cooked potatoes

1 chicken leg



23:30 –

2 rice cakes

2 tbsp 3% cottage cheese

1 boiled egg



Water intake: 2 liter

Hot drinks: 1 decafe tea, coffee

 Exercise: 40 mins cardio (treadmill)


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